Our Cabinets

Cabinets are an essential part of every room and one of the biggest impacts on the design and layout of the house. As a customer, you want your kitchen to be laid out in an organized fashion so everything has a designated place that’s easy to find. Cabinets also keep all of your essentials inside, while hiding any unsightliness that reduces the look and feel of your home. Simply changing the color or wood can give a lasting impact on the look and feel of the room’s atmosphere. We provide durable cabinets with an array of wood choices and finishes.

Cabinets Neosho, MO
Wood grain Neosho, MO

Hickory Wood

Hickory wood is a dependable wood that’s found in any home. It’s timeless, warm and inviting look will provide your guests with comfort while they’re in your kitchen. Aside from its aesthetics, Hickory is stronger than the other market woods like maple or oak. Corner Cabinet is one of the few cabinetry businesses in the Southwest MO & Northeast OK areas that sell hickory wood.

Wood grain Neosho, MO


Plywood is a versatile and high uniform strength building material that won’t break the bank. It’s composed of thin wooden layers that are glued together at alternating right angles.The multiple layers reduce the risk of any warping, cracking and twisting. Its durability provides an exceptional foundation for any cabinet project.